Solved: Windows 7 client ignores ping requests

From time to time there is an issue with Windows 7 computers in the network: they do not answer ping requests although everything seems properly configured and other clients in the same network work fine.

This is because only clients with activated “File and Printer Sharing” do answer ping requests by default.

Fortunately this problem can be solved with a little change in the Windows Firewall settings without the need to completely activate “File and Printer Sharing”.

» Um die deutsche Version dieses Artikels zu lesen, bitte hier klicken.

Change firewall settings

On the Windows 7 client ignoring ping requests, open the “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security” (Start, enter “firewall”). Under Inbound Rules, sort the column Protocol by clicking on the list header.

Now you look for the following entries with ICMP protocol:

  • Networking – Echo Request (ICMPv4-In)
  • Networking – Echo Request (ICMPv6-In)

and activate them (there may be two of them each, one for Private, Public and one for Domain).

That’s it! Now the ping echo should work properly.


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